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There are billions of app in the market. To make your app stand out in the crowd, it is important that it has marketing support. With digital marketing solutions, we make app marketing easy for businesses who work hard and put in a lot of effort to develop their app. We commit to a 360° app marketing plan that is created uniquely to meet our client’s business goals.

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Acquire More Customers With App Store Optimization (ASO) Services

Meet the new standard in app marketing services to acquire and engage users with result-based digital marketing solutions. We commit to a 360° app marketing plan that is created uniquely to meet our client’s business goals. We start by discussing your company and your goals, then get to work customizing a plan that fits your needs. We use a complete approach, providing you with all the ingredients needed to run an effective marketing campaign.


ASO Services – App Store Optimization

We do keyword research, suggest app names, and write a description in order to optimize your app for app store ranking. We also design beautiful app screenshots and icons to help you rank better on the Apple Store and Google Play. Users on app stores are primed to make decisions and download an app for their needs. Make sure your app shows up on top with app store optimization.


App Preview Video Production

We create app store preview videos for iOS and Android that follow the guidelines outlined by Apple and Google. We design wireframes, create animations, and use audio to make an impressive and engaging video. We will set up a YouTube account and upload your video for promotion . Video is one of the most effective ways of communicating your app’s design and use to potential users. Give users a taste of your app’s benefits with an app preview video.


Community Building Around your Target Audience

As a top ASO Agency community building is a massive part of our App marketing services. It is important to build awareness and affinity for your app before it is launched. We help you build a social community by regularly engaging your target users on social media. We also set up a post-launch subscriber list with marketing campaigns. Building a dedicated pool of interested users lets your app hit the ground running. The generated buzz will jumpstart your app’s growth.


Press Outreach

We write a powerful press release for your app and submit it to paid and free PR websites and media channels. We distribute the press release to our media partners, influencers, and bloggers to create a buzz for your app before and after it has launched. Get your app on the right pages and reach targeted audiences.


Influencer Marketing For Branding

Our goal is to find influencers who will share your app with their network. We reach out to influencers in our network and use our relationship with app reviewers to get your app listed on the various app website. Influencer marketing runs on the trust consumers have with a given influencer. That trust will then be transferred to your app, resulting in a tight-knit community.


CRO & Landing Page Optimization

After we collaborate with you and understand your app’s target audience, we prepare a comprehensive marketing plan to increase mobile app downloads as well as revenue with our top ASO services. We identify the common buyer’s behavior and interests in order to execute effective digital marketing campaigns. All plans lead to a dedicated landing page to convert users and drive app downloads.

Our Mobile App Marketing Approach to Increase App Downloads

Increase app downloads, user retention and app engagement with proven growth marketing tactics. Apptez helps you run app marketing campaigns by following approach:

Understand Goals & Audience

We take the time to understand your audience and provide your app as a solution. We’ll be looking to see what keywords users type in to search for apps similar to yours, gaining a better understanding of the language your target consumers use. From there, we can hone in on how to capture their attention and lead them to download your app.

Identify The Right Marketing Channels

Using different marketing channels including PR, blogs, SEO, app store optimization, and paid ads, we drive more users to the app landing page and convert them. Omnichannel marketing is a necessary component to increase app downloads. While users that are already on the app store are primed to make a decision, you can lead more people to download the app through different channels. Our job is to find which channels will work best with your app, and target users who can benefit from your offer.

Craft A Unique App Marketing Strategy

As full service digital marketing agency, we craft a 360° approach to mobile app marketing to give your app the attention and downloads it deserves. Our knowledge of both mobile app marketing and digital marketing best practices allows us to fill in the gaps of any strategy. Get a complete strategy including the services listed on this page and more.

Execute Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Once your team is satisfied with our approach, we’ll take care of executing your app marketing strategy. We prepare and launch all collaterals according to a set schedule and produce easy-to-read reports so you stay in the loop of how the campaigns are going. We take care of mobile app marketing services so you can focus on the final touches on your app. Once your app is ready, we will have built an audience eager to test your services.

Monitor & Adjust

We continuously monitor and adjust our app marketing campaigns to increase app downloads. Tracking the campaigns allows us to refine our strategy for best results. The goal is to double down on which features are working well with the target audience, and change the ones that turn users away.

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Frequently asked questions about how to increase sales & revenue

Mobile app marketing is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. Mobile marketing processes are used to promote the mobile app through channels like paid advertising, App Search Optimization and social media marketing. These help increase your downloads and brand awareness.

In order to make an app go viral, there needs to be a clear plan. This can involve creating viral content and exciting referral programs, but the most important thing is to reach out to a larger audience. A digital marketing company can help run a marketing campaign that increases your brand awareness, targeting your potential customers.

App marketing is a great tool for growing an app’s brand awareness and audience. Some steps you can take include:
  • Create a winning landing page
  • Understand your target audience and competitors
  • Excellent app store optimization
  • Leverage blogs, videos, and social media to reach audiences
  • Track the performance with actionable insights

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