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PPC management services is the easiest way to be on top of Google search results for your keywords. With paid search or display ads, you can choose to place your brand on top by utilizing keywords, your potential customers might be using to search for your business or your competitors.

Why should I include PPC services in my marketing budget?

Increased traffic, new sales leads, a greater ROI…

  • Brand recognition
  • Reach the right audience
  • Generate NEW sales, leads
  • Rich functionality and reporting
  • Open your doors to local customers
  • Take control of your marketing spend
  • Instant results without breaking your budget
  • Target traffic and turn visitors into customers
  • No dependency on Google algorithmic changes

Top advertising firm in Toronto

Our ppc management services including learning about your goals, budget and target audience. We prepare a campaign architecture to effectively spread target keywords, ad copy and services across different PPC ad campaigns or ad groups. Once the campaign is ready and approved, we launch it on Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram or all.

Search Ads

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising allows you to target keywords related to your industry. Your target audience uses specific keywords to search for businesses similar to yours. By placing your business on top of those search results, you can attract the attention of potential customers. We run Google search ads according to your budget and you only pay when the ad is clicked. We are certified with the premier Google & Bing partner program, which gives us a competitive edge as compared to other Google ads agencies.

Display Ads

Display Advertising

Display ads are commonly used to re-target visitors. Users who often visit your website are easier to convert than users who are visiting your site for the first time. We start by creating a display campaign media plan based on the target audience, keywords, user interests, and placement sites. In this plan, we include content websites that can potentially attract your target audience.


Remarketing Search Advertising

Remarketing, also called retargeting, is a great way to convert repeat customers at a much lower cost. These customers are called warm leads because they have already shown interest in your business before. You need a different strategy for repeat visitors, as they will be familiar with your product and won’t need the introductory copy used on first-time visitors.

Social Media

Social Media Advertising

Paid ads are necessary on saturated social media channels. We properly budget social media ads to drive better results and more leads. Using paid marketing, you can reach an audience that shares many of the characteristics of your existing customers. We’ll bring your business to a place where customers are already sharing ideas, information, and products.

Video Ads

Video Advertising

More users prefer to learn about products through video than any other medium. A video ad can show your product in action to potential buyers. Video can educate and inform viewers in a straightforward way, allowing them to easily grasp difficult concepts in a matter of minutes. We can create professional videos with compelling copy and eye-catching graphics.

Our PPC management service approach

Your ppc management strategy is aligned with a custom budget, schedule, demographic and frequency. Our experts monitor click data and optimize bids, keywords and make necessary adjustments to PPC ad copy. As a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, Apptez helps you run PPC management services campaigns by guiding you through the following:

Analyze Business and Target Audience

We start by learning about your goals, budget and target audience. From there we gain a better understanding of what keywords your audience is searching for online. We showcase your business to an interested audience to put your business in those spots for maximum views to an interested audience.

Competitive Gap Analysis

We view the PPC ads in top spots to see how we can make your business stand out. We review the copy, competitor offers, and which keywords they target. Tracking the keywords used by competitors gives you an idea of their strategy. We can build on that strategy to make your business more alluring and a better fit for your target customers.

Starting Campaign Creation

We prepare a campaign architecture to effectively spread target keywords, ad copy, and services across different PPC ad campaigns or ad groups. All materials and ad sets are prepared and approved by your business before being published. Our team works to provide a 360° approach to your PPC management services.

Landing Page & CRO

All campaigns will be funnelled to a dedicated landing page that is made to convert users. The copy and graphics on the landing page are designed to lead to any one action: whether it is a download, to sign up or to purchase. We continuously optimize our methods until we see positive ROI on search campaigns. Conversions are our ultimate goal, so we work to see that our campaigns lead to increased revenue for your business.

Analytics & Optimization – Detailed Report

As every PPC advertising campaign performs differently, it is critical for us to confine a custom bid, position, and keyword strategy. At the end of the month, we generate and present a comprehensive report to share campaign performance, the budget spends, ROI, and insights. Sound good? Contact with one of the top advertising agencies in Toronto.