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Build your website traffic with White hat SEO. Hire the best SEO team in Toronto

Your business need search engine optimization if you want:

  • More website traffic
  • Organic leads
  • Rank on the first page for your keywords
  • Build more backlinks
  • Improve website performance and speed

Our search engine optimization process

We follow White hat SEO techniques to increase traffic and keyword rankings. Our process starts with website and brand auditing and continues till we get top ranks for all keywords. We also build quality backlinks, increase domain authority and improve website performance using proven SEO tactics.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO helps search engines bots to easily crawl and index a website. Everything including, website speed, indexing, warnings, sitemaps, errors, duplicate content and web domain security is audited and fixed by a technical SEO expert.

Audiences Research

Researching your audience can feel like a lot more work on top of your existing SEO tasks. but it’s worth the effort, as it makes your efforts more targeted and leads to better website traffic. Our team will analyze the demographics information including age, gender and location to help you targeting.

Competitor’s Analysis

Your main business goal should be to stand out among competitors. Through our indepth analysis, we conduct a review of competitors’ website copy, online offers and keyword usage to provide a complete overview of their strategy. Understanding the ideas competitors are presenting allows you to see new opportunities for reaching target customers. We can build on those strategies, tailoring your business to meet customer needs.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process where we identify and optimize your site for the specific words that people are typing into search engines. Since it helps you connect with the right audience at the right time, keyword research is a crucial element of a successful search engine optimization campaign.

Error Free Website

Once your team is satisfied with our approach, we’ll take care of any errors present on the website. The section on this will have information on your website, analysis of page urls, web server details, page speed score on mobile vs web, robot.txt errors and more. More importantly, website performance clearly indicates the areas that you should immediate fix to get your website indexed accurately on search engines and easy to rank.

Quality Link Building

Backlinks are the most important part for any successful marketing campaign. Without quality & relevant backlinks linking to your website you simply don’t stand a chance at ranking for competitive search terms that generate revenue for your business.

Results Monitoring

We continuously monitor and adjust our SEO campaigns to increase traffic & leads. Tracking the SEO campaigns allows us to refine our strategy for best results. The goal is to double down on which features are working well with the off page and on page.

Acquire more customers organically with SEO services Toronto

Meet the new standard in SEO services based in Toronto to acquire and engage users with result-based digital marketing solutions. We commit to a 360° SEO services that is created uniquely to meet our client’s business goals. We start by discussing your company and your goals, then get to work customizing a plan that fits your needs. We use a complete approach, providing you with all the ingredients needed to run an effective SEO campaign.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

If you don’t know why you should care about SEO, it’s time to start. Technical website error fixed is definitely one of the best ways to start generating fresh traffic to your business website.

Creating Links that will point to a website will help you climb up on search engine result pages, meaning you will be more visible. We can provide a huge boost to your website by top SEO Services in Toronto.


Local SEO Services

Did you know that 90% of purchases take place in physical stores & within 20 miles of home? We offer the best white-hat local SEO services including GMB Optimization to drive traffic, boost leads, and revenue. Having a solid local SEO can help boost ranking and increase sales for your local business. We offer the best white-hat local SEO services in Toronto including GMB Optimization to drive traffic, boost leads, and revenue.


International/Multi-Lingual SEO Services

Want to break through to International markets & moving ahead to take over the world? Partner with our Google certified SEO team for multilingual SEO services & We will help you to create a multilingual and international SEO strategy and promote your business, products & services globally.

  • SEO in Global Language
  • Speaking Your Customer Language
  • Language Focussed Natural Link Building

Mobile SEO Services

Mobile Internet usage numbers have boomed, and there is no turning back. Researchers found that consumers spend more than 15 hours per week. So having a fast mobile version of your website today is absolutely necessary. One of the leading mobile SEO company in Toronto will help you to improve your Mobile Traffic.

  • AMP Page Creation
  • Mobile-Friendly UI/UX
  • Optimize according to Mobile-First Index

E-commerce SEO Services

E-commerce is a special category of SEO, in part because Google treats queries that involve selling or financial transactions with extra care. Apptez offers eCommerce SEO services & packages to boost your business’s organic visibility in search engines. Our Ecommerce SEO Services will bring your online store great visibility, traffic, sales and profits

  • Long-term Revenue
  • Optimizing entire product line
  • Connecting you to high-value shoppers
Link Building

Link Building Services

SEO is never complete without quality backlinks. Markovate helps you with creating a custom link building strategy. Our SEO agency specializes in manual white hat link building services to improve search traffic and rankings.

  • High-Quality Editorial Backlink
  • Natural Link Building Techniques
  • Experience Copywrite Professionals
  • Relevant & Effective Anchor text Targeting