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Shopify Design

Our ecommerce development solutions empower retailers, giving them the freedom to build ideal customer experiences and streamlined backend operations for scalable growth.

The best ecommerce development solution for your needs may not be one we offer, and that's ok

Our ecommerce development solutions are created with open source frameworks and we recognize that this isn't always the best way forward for everyone. This is why we focus on consulting and planning phases with our prospects so we can help them determine what the best solution is for their business.

But Why Shopify Development?

First of all, we should have one thing straight: there’s no “universally right” choice when it comes to online retail platforms! There’s only the right choice for your own online store!

And this depends entirely on your own company’s resources and business goals.

OK, now that we’ve clarified this aspect, let us highlight for you Shopify’s main advantages and characteristics so that you can an easily judge for yourself whether you two “make the perfect match”:

Built-in speed & security for hosting

Not only that Shopify is a fully hosted e-commerce solution, but you can also pass on the “burden of responsibility” for light-speed and security (a critical issue when processing cards on your website) to the platform itself. Let Shopify be the one to deal with all the caching, compliance, cyber threats and so on!

Dedicated customer support

Store management made easy”, that’s how we could call the experience of running a Shopify-powered store! The team behind this platform has put a whole “arsenal” of email/chat/phone support and an overloaded database of FAQ’s at your full disposal.

Simple admin interface

You get to do all your “admin stuff” (editing the inventory in your store, adding new products, uploading/editing your photos, etc.) “on the go”, right in your user-friendly, simplified interface.

In other words: you get to easily control the look and feel of your Shopify store from your admin panel.

Pre-built and easily customizable design features

Not only that it runs on a theme system, but it “tempts” you with a whole load of out-of-the-box (free) premium Shopify themes, adding to the (paid) custom-built ones. So, you get pre-built “awesomeness”, in terms of design first, next you’re empowered to easily custom-fine your store’s looks, as well (or at least it makes it highly accessible for any designer you might hire to do all the customization you need)

Out-of-the-box marketing features

Now since there’s no point in having a visually-arresting online store if it still can’t pull all the right strings for drawing visitors in, Shopify comes with a full package of marketing tools for you to power up your store with:

  • facility for creating landing pages quick and ease
  • Shopify SEO features
  • clean and easily-to-crawl-through code that allows you to add your meta descriptions and title tags…

A whole “load” of cool add-ons:

The ecommerce development solutions we specialize in are:

Shopify App Store

Complex, integration friendly open source ecommerce

Need we add more? With such a setup, you'll be able to add any plugin you'll need to your store! You have the platform with its already empowering pre-built features and then you're offered a whole bundle of both free and paid add-ons to constantly boost your site's functionality with, as well.


Creating innovative & content rich ecommerce

A hassle-free experience as a store owner depends greatly on a heavy load of out-of-the-box features, right? Gladly, Shopify's been built to get your store up and running properly in no time: with its whole set of out-of-the-box integrated payments, predesignated templates to choose from, easy to use admin interface for adding and removing products, ease implementation for Google Analytics and so on. These would be 2 possible ways of describing what is it that we do around here and what is it that we can do for you, in particular. And that whether you're running (or planning to) a niche online boutique or a megastore.

25 hours

of expert advice


Shopify Development

Whether you’re looking for a team to set up your Shopify-powered store or you wish them to upgrade the one you’re currently owning, we, your dedicated Shopify agency, are ready to take the challenge!


  • store setup and deployment
  • to payment gateway integration
  • to upgrade services
  • to custom features/app developing

… we’re here to create your Shopify store: to do the coding, tweaking, and integration into Shopify for you!

Shopify Website Design

As web designers, our goal is not to create jaw-dropping looking Shopify websites, but to design websites that engage and convert!

So, whether you’d want us to:

  • craft the UI/UX design for your Shopify store from scratch
  • to make it look stunning on mobile devices
  • to customize the best Shopify themes of your choice so that they should best identify with your brand
  • to run all the needed design updates

…or you need a Shopify expert to convert your own sketch into the visual reality that engages visitors, just give us a sign!